Zebras Fighting Bronze Sculpture (Silver)
Zebras Fighting Bronze Sculpture (Silver)

Zebras Fighting Bronze Sculpture (Silver)

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Zebras Fighting Bronze Sculpture : Height = 41cm/16in
Length = 46cm/18in

The bronze collection is cast in the age old ‘lost wax’ bronze casting process that dates back thousands of years. Each sculpture is expertly rendered and then finished by hand to create the unique details of each piece.

The silver sculptures are bronze sculptures that have been silver plated and then painstakingly detailed by hand with black enamelling that is lead free, scratch resistant and environmentally friendly.

The bronze sculptures are suitable for indoors and outdoors.

The silver-plated bronzes are suited to indoors only. No chemical cleaners are recommended, only dust with a soft cloth when needed or wipe with a soft, soapy cloth and then dry the sculpture,
if it becomes soiled

Each sculpture has been given a protective coating to retain the exceptional, polished finish for many years.

This collection is ideal for Lodges, Hotels, Guest Houses, Private Homes, Galleries, Interior Decor Stores and discerning Gift shops.

All our sculptures are of the finest quality and treated with protective coatings, to ensure many years of enjoyment !

Young zebra stallions can take over an established herd by defeating its controlling male. This however will require him to enter into a violent contest of kicking and biting.