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GoodiesHub.com where only the best is good enough. 

Buying from GoodiesHub.com gives you the confidence and comfort of over 40 years of successful business experience.

This incorporates: Experience at Executive level in Business Management, International Business and Product Development, Import and Export Commodity Trading, Sales, Marketing and Advertising, Duty Free and Retail Business, Advertising, Film, Television and Audio Production.


Ben du Preez

Our MD, Ben du Preez, has conducted business in, and travelled to, 32 Sub-Sahara African countries, Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA.

He studied Marketing Management at the University of Pretoria.

Ben has owned and managed successful businesses for more than 30 Years.

He started the Diplomatic Duty free business in South Africa and sold a thriving and successful business after 16 years.

Ben achieved groundbreaking work in the Export and Duty Free industry and introduced various new export commodities into Africa and the Middle East.

For the last 12 years, Ben has owned a Film and Television Production company producing many Advertising campaigns.  

Ben had enormous success building all his businesses from the ground up and during his years of owning these Business he had the privilege dealing with People all over the world and with many BlueChip companies i.e:

Coca Cola, Richard Branson – Virgin Money, Energade, SAB, Firestone, MasterCard, Namibian Breweries, Schneider Electric, Douglas Green, Distell, AEG, Ceres, KWV, Sony, and many more.....

Ben is a typical, “Old School” business guy, and has a strong belief in “Happy Customers”.

Greg du Preez

Greg du Preez, our Technical Director, is a Qualified Audio Engineer with pronounced experience in web design, film directing and editing as well a having a strong business acumen.

Greg has worked as a freelancer in various countries in Africa and the Middle East.

He has an impressive portfolio. He has been involved in sound producing for some of the biggest live concerts in South Africa and Middle East. He is well respected in the TV industry, with a very professional and successful career history.

Greg has a brilliant technical mind and reads technical manuals for relaxation when he is not playing music with his friends on some or other percussion instrument.


Donovan du Preez

Donovan du Preez is our Project Director with a substantial knowledge and experience of the Retail industry.

Donovan supports Greg with the formulation of operational strategies and objectives to ensure that GoodiesHub.com meets its goals and operates successfully.They make a mean team and work non-stop, making it happen to give our customers the best shopping experience.

Donovan is a collector of all sorts of Gadgets and is passionate about mountain biking.

Although he has very little “Me Time” he tries to make some time playing music with his friends or scouting the mountains for the most daring Mountain bike trails.

Isabel du Preez

Isabel du Preez, our Operations Director, has more than 30 years of Big Business experience in office administration, payroll and accounting, sales orders, Information and data processing, stock control, records management and the handling of the company's admin flow making sure all orders reach their destination quickly and giving the buyer a pleasant shopping experience.

Yip, Isabel is the most important person in the company, keeping everybody in check, in line, and making sure we have happy customers.


This degree of experience brings an impressive portfolio to the table. That is what makes it possible for GoodiesHub.com to carry this knowledge and experience over to our customers, giving them the best and friendliest service possible, making every purchase with GoodiesHub.com a happy and pleasant experience.


GoodiesHub.com is a perfect marriage between “Old School” mortar and bricks businessmen and “New School” business of the younger, technologically minded generation.


We’re nice guys, we’re professional and we are really good at meeting clients’ requirements on time, on price and with a smile.

Get it now.

GoodiesHub.com where only the best is good enough.