Warthog Sitting Bronzed Sculpture

Warthog Sitting Bronzed Sculpture

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Warthog Sitting Bronze Sculpture: Height – 15cm (6in)

These warthogs are made with bonded limestone which is then coated in a cold - cast bronze and detailed by hand to give each piece the look and feel of a proper bronze sculpture, but at a lower price. Each design captures the unique posture and habits of these quirky creatures. 

Our attention to detail and expert workmanship ensures that each item is quality crafted by hand to offer years of enjoyment.

Neither graceful nor beautiful, warthogs are nonetheless remarkable animals. They are found in most of Africa and are widely distributed in East Africa. They are the only pigs able to live in areas without water for several months of the year. By tolerating a higher-than-normal body temperature, the warthog is able to conserve moisture inside its body that might otherwise be used for cooling.