Raha & Mulalo African Figurine Bronze Sculpture

Raha & Mulalo African Figurine Bronze Sculpture

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Raha & Mulalo African Figurine Bronze Sculpture: Height – 15,5cm (6in)

The range of cold cast Bronze figurines and colour figurines are true reproductions of the native people of Africa. Each figurine is crafted on a bonded limestone core with all finishing details expertly done by hand. Cold cast figurines are all coated in a thin layer of cold cast bronze while the colour figurines are all painstakingly detailed with enamelling.

Cold – Cast bronze is made by mixing real bronze powder with a bonding paste and applying this to the surface of the figurine. This coat of real bronze is then burnished to a sheen.

Each figurine includes a captivating story card of interesting tribal customs and information.

The name Raha means happiness, and Mulalo is a name meaning peace. Swahili families are large and centered around the eldest man of an extended family. The family includes his wives, his brothers and their wives, and all their children. In the traditional and modern African culture, babies and young infants are generally cared for by their grandmothers. The role of the mother is to work in the fields, tending the crops and collecting food, and ensuring enough water for the whole family.