Bottle Opener, Stopper, Corkscrew Set - Studded Collection - Diana Carmichael -

Bottle Opener, Stopper, Corkscrew Set - Studded Collection - Diana Carmichael

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Dive into the beauty of the sea with our Studded Collection, inspired by the captivating Sea Urchin!

This collection draws its inspiration from the wondrous natural elements found beneath the waves. The delicate detailing on the handles is reminiscent of the intricate patterns of a sea urchin's carapace, found in the depths of marine life.

The texture, the contrast, and the tactile nature of this design come together to create a truly unique look that's absolutely irresistible. It's a tribute to the mesmerizing wonders of the ocean.

Our Studded Collection invites you to bring the ocean's beauty to your dining table, infusing every meal with the spirit of the sea.

Elevate your dining experience with a touch of coastal charm and embrace the allure of the deep blue. Indulge in the magic of natural inspiration and high-end design because your table deserves nothing less.

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